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My husband, Anthony and I had the traumatic experience of placing both our moms in a traditional nursing facility in the late 90’s and early 2000. Neither of these wonderful women received all they deserved. My mom, could not find her room after a while. She sat in one place all day with a faraway stare, and finally became isolated and non-communicative. My mother-law, who always lived in a small rural town, just couldn’t adapt to all the different faces and hustle and bustle around her.  Less than two months into her stay, my precious mother-law had wings in heaven. As children of these two gracious matriarchs, we felt so guilty.  They raised us with abundant love, and care, and in the end we let them down. So we promised them, we’d honor their lives by giving back and caring for others. Gracie Sturdivant Care Home was born in 2009. Gracie is my Anthony’s mom, and Sturdivant is my mom. Gracie Sturdivant gives us the opportunity to love someone else’s mom or dad and a second chance to do it right. We absolutely love what we do, and we hope our moms are proud. Please contact us today to schedule a tour.